Thank you for the visit. I know many of you have seen my PT Cruiser rolling down the road and that is where you got my URL from. Sadly, the PT is slowly being effected by the weather and the painting is slowly deteriorating. Ahh, such is life!

PT Cruiser

We are updated. Whoopiedo! The PowerPoint presentation is rather large dealing not only with 9/11 art, but also art of Iraq & Vietnam and the my first project The High Ground veteran's memorial in Neillsville, Wisconsin. It's about 8Mb so, you will have to be patient as it WILL take a short time to load.

This is best viewed in Internet Explorer!

CLICK HERE for "The High Ground" Presentation

CLICK HERE for the "Vietnam - Early Operations of 1965" Presentation

CLICK HERE for the "Operation Harvest Moon 08-09dec65" Presentation

CLICK HERE for the "Section 2 10-12dec65" Presentation

Then go get a sandwich!

When this site is finished (time period is ???), if ever, it will contain most of the art I have done in my lifetime. The early art from high school to my Masters of Fine Art degree at the University of Idaho in 1974; from early Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) pieces to current and it will include other various series I have worked on or I am working on. Some of these pieces are included towards the back (page 48 on) of the PowerPoint presentation. The site should keep you busy until I can get the Holocaust (The Janusz Korczak Series) art, Vietnam (Operation Harvest Moon Series (however, not completed yet), Iraq Series (constantly doing art pieces for this also) and the never-ending 9/11 Series up. Thank you for your trouble in coming to the site. Should you want to contact me, I'm at: Semper Fi, T. Miller